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NovaVine specializes in grafting varieties of grape vines and supplies numerous large-scale vineyards with their clones. I loved getting to see how the grafting process works and was amazed at how much energy goes into getting these plants in the ground. After the specific varieties are grafted together from cuttings of mature plants, they go into a dormant state in cold storage. They come out the next year and are planted in the ground, at which point the plant comes out of its dormant state and begins to grow again, breaking through the protective wax coating and allowing the graft to take hold. After the plants weather in the field for a season they’re harvested, cleaned, and put back in storage where they remain dormant until being sent off to the vinyard. In total, it’s about three years from the time they make the graft to the time it actually ends up in the field it was created for. Each one is handled multiple times throughout the process, and they produce millions of clones per yer. In addition to all of that, NovaVine is also a business partner of Gifted Root, and acts as their supplier and geneticist for the olive tree program. For this project I was hired on to document various parts of the production process throughout their growing season for use as a looping trade show booth video next year.