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Gifted Root

Gifted Root is a company that sells mail-order olive trees designed as gifts for various occasions. They’ve done a tremendous amount of work to get the project off the ground, including multiple trips to Lebanon to secure grafts from one of the first olive trees ever documented (thought to be over 6,000 years old). They collected thousands of clippings which were then moved into a USDA quarantine for two years before they were able to begin working with the plants. The woman on camera, Corine, has been working with them as a consultant and has a pretty interesting backstory of her own. She shared her story on camera in French which I shot in a more traditional interview style, and then shot some b-roll for the company to use down the line when trying to piece together their full origin story. We also shot some instructional care videos in English and French which will be cut together for the website in the meantime. Audio was handled with wireless lav’s sent to an external recorder, camera records scratch audio for sync but it’s pretty rough so left it out of this sample.